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Corey Mantle Mantle 1 Bus 216 Machan April 2, 2008 The Nature of Advertising The Basics Advertising is a method of promoting goods and services to the public. They only seek to promote the pros of the product, not the cons because they are meant strictly for promotional purposes, not for informational purposes. “Ads only alert us to options and opportunities, they are not a guide to how we should spend our money”(from A Primer on Business Ethics, Machan & Chester). It would be foolish for us as intelligent human beings to assume that an advertisement would tell the whole truth and background of their product because they are trying to get you, the consumer, to accept them as a product you desire. It is like when meeting the parents of your significant other. When introducing yourself to them, you want to tell them the pros of yourself (the fact that you go to school, you have a steady job, you come from a loving family, etc.). It would not be prudent for you to mention that you are failing any of your classes, that you have a history of cheating on your lovers, or that you work at a Vegas Strip Club, because this would defeat the purpose of getting your significant other’s parents to approve of you. Similarly, the advertisements only want to present to you their good half. Their bad half is to be discovered from your own research.
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Mantle 2 How Advertisers Get It Done Advertisements use many methods of attention-getting and often associate themselves with gimmickry. This is prudent for businesses because they are trying to prosper by promoting their goods and services. Using a method that will target an audience and catch their attention will more easily lead to the consumer buying their product and having both
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EthicsEssay2 - Corey Mantle Bus 216 Machan April 2, 2008...

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