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Chap 8 Review
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Unformatted text preview: 1. A proposal that is both offered by the offeror and accepted by the offeree is a contract which is: A. void. B. invalid. C. valid. D. voidable. 2. All of the following are required for a valid offer, EXCEPT: A. definite and certain. B. communicated to the offeree. C. made with serious intent. D. stated in writing. 3. The omission of one or more essential terms does not necessarily make the offer: A. voidable. B. valid. C. invalid. D. void. 4. According to the ___________, uncertainty with respect to specific terms does not necessarily invalidate a contract. A. Uniform Civil Code B. Uniform Commercial Code C. United States Commercial Code D. Uniform Contract Code 5. All of the following are considered to be forms of oral communications in acceptance of an offer, EXCEPT: A. silence. B. television. C. e-mail. D. in person. 6. A purchase order issued by one firm to another is generally considered a(n): A. offer. B. acceptance. C. first step in negotiation....
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