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Final Essay (insert teardrop here ___!) Choose one of the following: 1. Imagine that you are an alien from another planet, sent by me (your fearless leader and the queen of the planet, of course) to investigate earth’s culture. You are to report back to me with your findings (in the form of this essay); keep in mind, however, that the only guide you have to this new world is Tatar’s The Classic Fairy Tales . You must therefore choose at least three of the tales that we have read this semester and explain in your report how and what they tell you about this “foreign” culture. Feel free to be creative in your report (but meet the minimum of pages of writing at the same time)! 2. Imagine that you are reading/viewing your group (or solo) project for the first time (as an outsider) and answer the following questions: what is the prevailing ideology of the culture called Chapman? What can be learned about the author(s) through this tale? How does this tale reflect the development of the psyche or a psychological journey (remember Bettelheim)? What
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