Cinematography - Cinematography About Cinematography It...

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Cinematography 09/27/07 About Cinematography It is “writing with movement.” Persistence of Vision o Mind holds onto images for fractions of a second. o Used to create illusions of movement [24 fps]. Phi Phenomenon o Like how three fan blades look like one when they spin. Color, tonality, look, perspective, focus, objective/subjective, framing, lighting. Elements #1 Image o Film stock o Film gauge Size of film. 8, 16, 325, 70 mm. Larger gauge=more sharper image. o ASA-Film speed Measurement of film’s sensitivity to light. Highly sensitive (500/800) needs less light; can be be shot in  low light. Low sensitive (50) is in sunlight; clearer and less grainy with  slower film speed. #2 Color
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o Saturated (Bright colors) o Desaturated (Lacking color) o Warm colors o Cool colors #3 Perspective o Lenses (Focal length) Telephoto/Long Can enlarge from great distance. Or close-ups from great distance. Normal Wide angle Adds more to shot Zoom lens Can change focal length o Depth of field The range of distances before the lens in which objects can be 
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Cinematography - Cinematography About Cinematography It...

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