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history of sports - Brian Acker Rob Ruck History of Sports...

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Brian Acker Rob Ruck History of Sports Michael Jordan and the New Global Capitalism There are many different people and organizations that have a large amount of influence and power in sports today. Coaches, Agents, and Players would constitute a necessary part of this influence and power, but only a very small one. The large players, the guys who are responsible for making all of the small guys rich are the Marketers, Advertisers, Networks, and Players Unions. LaFeber analyzes how the role of Global Capitalism and new technologies in the 1970’s turned sport into a multi-billion dollar a year business. One influential and powerful person who helped many athletes make millions of dollars is Phil Knight. Many people may not know who Phil Knight is, but would know him if they were told what company he is the CEO of. He is the founder of Nike and through globalization has stood to become a billionaire. Phil Knight is much talked about in LeFebers’ book about how he made Nike so profitable by making his products for cheap in other countries and then selling them in the United States for much more then the cost to make them. The problem was that he had a good product, but didn’t have a big name superstar to back it. By the 1990’s Knight’s products were worn by Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods, and Pete Sampras. Knight liked using superstars for advertising because they were known faces around the world, especially Michael Jordan. You aren’t able to explain much in a given time, but just watching the gracefulness of Jordan fly through the air was enough to make Nikes revenue sky rocket.
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When the new Commissioner of Basketball was named David Stern in the 1980’s, it was great for Nike. Stern believed that Basketball was able to be globalized and have markets in many other countries. LeFeber says that Stern lived by the simple capitalist idea that you either had to grow or die. In this case the NBA was in for exponential growth. With David Stern’s new philosophy of promoting basketball globally, Phil Knight and Nike were steamrolling the competition and knocking competitors out of the market (LaFeber, pg63). LaFebers next plan was to not only to market individuals like Magic Johnson, Michael Jordan and Charles Barkley, but to market entire teams and college universities. He first did this in 1989 by signing the University of Miami to a contract so that all of
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history of sports - Brian Acker Rob Ruck History of Sports...

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