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Exam 2 Study Review Sheet Chapter 5 1) Who were the Bow Street Runners? 2) What was the New Police of London and who were the Bobbies? 3) What were the early attempts to tame the western frontier? 4) What is the difference between a centralized and a decentralized law enforcement agency? 5) What are the three levels of public law enforcement in the U.S.? Describe each. 6) What was the Kansas Preventative Patrol Experiment and what did it establish? 7) What was the Minneapolis Domestic Violence Experiment and what were its findings on repeat offenses? 8) Where was the first modern state police agency located in the U.S.? 9) Describe the private police and how the are different from the public police.
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Unformatted text preview: 10) What is scientific police management? 11) What is the mission statement of the FBI? 12) Identify the following people and their role in policing: Robert Peel, Henry Fielding, Jonathon Wild, J.Edgar Hoover, Theodore Roosevelt, Alice Stebbins Wells, Burdena Pasenelli, Charles Rowan, Allan Pinkerton. 13) Define the following terms: shire reeve, comes stabuli, posse, vigilantism, night watch and ward, Statute of Winchester, Wickersham Commission, sheriff, police chief, LEAA, IACP, directed patrol. 14) Describe the following agencies: Wells Fargo, Pinkerton, & Wackenhut....
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