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Chapter_6 - investigation and crime scene investigator 12...

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Exam 2 Study Review Sheet Chapter 6 1) What is police management? 2) What are the purposes of policing in America? 3) Define and describe the five operational strategies of policing. 4) What are the three era’s of policing? 5) What are the three styles of policing identified by James Q. Wilson? Provide an example of each. 6) Define crime prevention and provide examples of crime prevention techniques? 7) What is CompStat? And what is SARA? 8) What are quality of life offenses? 9) What is police discretion? Describe factors that influence police discretionary decisions. 10) Define and describe the difference between the following types of policing: team policing, strategic policing, problem solving policing, and community policing. 11) Define the following terms: criminal investigation, crime scene, preliminary
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Unformatted text preview: investigation, and crime scene investigator. 12) Describe the difference between line and staff operations. 13) Describe the ethnic and gender diversity in policing. 14) What are police professionalism and police ethics? 15) What is a police subculture? 16) What is a learning organization? 17) What does the term “chain of command” refer to? 18) What does “PCR” refer to as a police practice and what does it stress? 19) What is a solvability factor? 20) What are the benefits of educated police officers? Note: You need to be able to recognize examples of the three era’s of policing and the three styles of policing....
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