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philosophy essay #2 - Brian Acker Dr. Moss Philosophy 0200...

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Brian Acker Dr. Moss Philosophy 0200 Nicomachaen Ethics II Essay Topic #2 Aristotle believes there are two different kinds of virtue. One is virtue of thought and the other is virtue of character. He says virtue of thought comes from being taught and virtue of character is a result of habit. Aristotle argues that virtue is acquired not by nature, but by habit (1103a.15). A natural thing is something done naturally, or involuntary, without having to think about it. Some things that are natural would be your heartbeat, eyes blinking, and hearing. These are all things that are out of our control and thus are natural and unable to be changed by habit. You will never be able to stop your heartbeat or your eyes from blinking. The same can be said for a tree which naturally grows straight up from the ground. The tree grows straight up and even if you stood on top and tried to push it down, you wouldn’t be able to change the direction of its growth. Aristotle argues next that “virtues arise in us neither by nature nor against nature, but it is rather that by nature we are able to acquire them through habit” (1103a, 25). If we have something that comes to us from nature, we first realize we can use it and then later show the action (1103a, 30). Aristotle shows this when he talks about the senses and how we do not acquire them through habit, but are in fact born with that ability and come to see this when we exercise the function(1103a,30). Aristotle says we can acquire ethical virtues by habit. We acquire virtue through our actions and these actions are habitual. He then argues if we can be builders by building and harpists by playing the harp, then we are able to be just by doing just
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actions, temperate by doing temperate actions, and brave by doing brave actions(1103b). Although he says that by building you can be a builder and that by playing the harp you
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philosophy essay #2 - Brian Acker Dr. Moss Philosophy 0200...

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