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Theysayyou cannotstandonbothsides ivredpower

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Unformatted text preview: /a Liberation III. Latino/a Liberation Cesar Chavez and the California Grape Protest Chavez, the son of a migrant farm worker and a disciple of King, led a series of nonviolent protests, including marches, fests, and a national boycott of California grapes, to pressure growers to agree to labor contracts with the United Farm Workers union (UFW). III. Latino/a Liberation III. Latino/a Liberation Young Lords Party and the fate of Chicana Feminism One Chicana Feminist in 1973: We are told “if you’re a Chicana you’re on one side, if you’re a feminist, you must be on the other side. They say you cannot stand on both sides.” IV. Red Power IV. Red Power Occupation of Alcatraz Island in San Francisco, 1969­71 IV. Red Power Alcatraz Proclamation: To the Great White Father and his People (1969) “We, th...
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