10/22/07 - • Jousts/Ring Tourneys o Very common to be...

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HIST-4516 22/10/2007 17:05:00 Romanticism Southern residents use romanticism as an excuse for slaveholding society. South encourages outdated notions of chivalry. o The idea of honor, adjusted to control relationships between men and  women.  o Demands the protection of the lady, must protect her physically, but  also from slander, and reputation. As this happens, slavery is increasing dramatically in value, as opposition  increases dramatically in the north. Puts the south in a context of an older, feudal society, where the changes and  values are controlled by a permanent social structure. Sir Walter Scott o Most influential and popular European author. o Image of what the south wants to create, propagates feudalism, lords,  etc. o Mark Twain says the south has been infected by the literature, and  says it’s covering up the real issues. Calls it the “Sir Walter Disease”
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Unformatted text preview: • Jousts/Ring Tourneys o Very common to be staged in the South, featured knights in costumes. • Installs the idea of “Southern Belles” – featured in Mary Chestnutt’s book: o Young women 14-20, a time when the lady goes through courtship, expected to marry a respectable family, etc. o Expected to play a dramatic role in terms of chivalry. o Actually has a great deal of freedom for a lady at this time, does not require a chaperone, left to control her relationships with young men (the blades ) o The belle spends a great deal of time reading books. • This romanticism overcomes isolationism , maintains family networks holding families together. • Expected for women to go on long visits. • When you marry, you take on a responsibility as the mistress of the plantation. 22/10/2007 17:05:00 ← 22/10/2007 17:05:00 ←...
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10/22/07 - • Jousts/Ring Tourneys o Very common to be...

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