Exam 3 Review

Exam 3 Review - Review for Test 3 Nanotechnology...

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Review for Test 3 – Nanotechnology Bioterrorism: Know which are viruses, bacteria, toxins Know what they do, how they spread Know which have been used as weapons and how Know whether there are vaccines available Biodiversity: Know gene banks, germplasm Know numbers for amounts of plant species Know examples of devastation caused by lack of biodiversity Biomimetics: Materials – bulk vs. surface properties Plastic, metals, ceramics – know their properties know composites, laminates, protective coatings and examples Know importance of palm beetles, geckos, lotus leaves Know adhesion and how it works What makes up nacre? Contact angle, hydrophilic, hydrophobic, superhydrophobic Surface Area: Larger surface area in nanotechnology, because of the increase in surface area after splitting. Categorized according to their size dimensions: All Three Dimensions <100nm – Particles, Quantum Dots, Nanoshells, Microcapsules, Hollow Spheres Two Dimensions <100nm – Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes, Fibers, Nanowires One Dimension <100nm – Anti-adhesive/anti-stain coatings, applied films, viruses Self-assembly: How strongly are things held together?
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Exam 3 Review - Review for Test 3 Nanotechnology...

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