A common stock held as available for sale securities

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Unformatted text preview: le Inc. are not reported at fair value in its balance sheet? A. Common stock held as available for sale securities. B. Debt securities held to maturity. C. Preferred stock held as trading securities. D. All of the above are reported at fair value. 28. Both fair values and subsequent growth of the investee are not as relevant for investments in which of the following categories? A. Securities reported under the equity method. B. Trading securities. C. Held-to-maturity securities. D. Securities available for sale. 29. Which category completely excludes equity securities? A. Securities available for sale. B. Consolidating securities. C. Held-to-maturity securities. D. Trading securities. 30. In 2011, Osgood Corporation purchased $4 million in 10-year municipal bonds at face value. On December 31, 2013, the bonds had a market value of $3,600,000 and Osgood reclassified the bonds from held to maturity to trading securities. Osgood's December 31, 2013, balance sheet and the 2013 income statement would show the following: A. B. C. D. Option a Option b Option c Option d Beresford Inc. purchased several investment securities during 2012, its first year of operations. The following information pertains to these securities. The fluctuations in their fair values are not considered permanent. 31. What balance sheet amount would Beresford report for its total investment securities at 12/31/2012? A. $637,000. B. $644,500. C. $645,400. D. None of the above is correct. 32. What would be the balance in Beresford's accumulated other comprehensive income with respect to these investments in its 12/31/2013 balance sheet (ignore taxes)? A. $55,100. B. $26,500. C. $10,400. D. None of the above is correct. 33. What total unrealized holding gain would Beresford report in its 2013 income statement relative to its investment securities? A. $55,900. B. $36,000. C. $80,900. D. $48,200. 34. On January 1, 2013, Rupar Retailers purchased $100,000 of Anand Company bonds at a discount of $5,000. The Anand bonds pay 6% interest but were purchased when the market intere...
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