HUM 1 Lecture - HUM 1 Lecture 1/15/2008 Genesis foundation...

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HUM 1 Lecture 1/15/2008 Genesis foundation of entire bible, constant references back to Genesis: whole bible is its own tradition Has it’s own overall structure Steven Langton divided the bible into chapters Ch.1-11 prologue: Creation stories 1-6, Noah 7-10, Babel 11 3 cycles of stories: Abraham (12-25), Isaac (25-35), Jacob/Israel (37-50) Narrative portions, dialogue (form of drama), history (as they knew it, a recreation), poetry Genealogies, Overall theme unifies the work: trouble, multiply, never going to be easy. Ch 2.4 “these are the generations…” diction same as beginning of family history God telling Adam and Eve to multiply, sexual act important to the world. Adam “knew” Eve, Having families central to human life: Cain and Abel Sarah, Rebekah, Rachel all are barren for most of their lives, troubles that it entails to raise a family Noah ch. 6 when man started to multiply evil come to place, sex central act, done incorrectly God finds this to be evil Sex: good and bad. Good, familys. Bad: hastily, sexual deviants, God brings the flood. Genealogies: importance Ch. 12, 25 36 critical moment, intros new family stories of larger story of man kind Prologue 2 creation stories: creates heaven, etc.; man is created first. Beget need food, garden, then man names animals (symbol of mans superiority), then woman Adam rib, man is given everything food rules over the animals, Tree of knowledge (knowledge of good and evil), temptation with serpent to gain the knowledge of the tree which is inevitable, expulsion from garden because in garden, tree of life is eaten gives immortality. o Tree is central to morally good universe o Eating the fruit is a moral act consistent to the nature of creations o Required by nature to eat that fruit, but disobedient. o Man remains ignorant of evil, can’t cause is the image of God. o man superior of animals o God keeps away a guard to the Garden of Eden with tree of life Troubles between families: Cain and Abel jealousy, shepards and farmers conflict. o Sacrifice, offering Abel has a favored one. Younger takes precedents over the older, unusual. Noah, first covenant (1 st model) o Tells to do something o Then seals the deal with an amazing act (rainbow sign of deal never again to flood world) o Return build the arch Covenant= contract
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HUM 1 Lecture o Treaty between god and his people Abraham Abram first names, agriculture represents Covenant #2: God say to go forth to Canaan settle, I’ll make a nation of your decedents Sarai is barren a major problem Principle wife, many wives, concubines. Polygamy, common, need to be fruitful and multiply can’t wait for one women Abram come and wanders, outsider Sarai bareness is a treat to goal to multiply, passed child bearing age Hagar, have Ishmael Sodom and Gomorrah moral dilemma, deal with oversexed persons, Abraham tries to question morality of destroying these cities Covenant with a clan or a tribes, result human willingness to act in blind faith
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HUM 1 Lecture - HUM 1 Lecture 1/15/2008 Genesis foundation...

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