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CHEM 222 Chapter 1 Homework

CHEM 222 Chapter 1 Homework - 6 Arrange the following...

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CHEM 222 Chapter 1 Homework 1. What is the ground state electron configuration of Nitrogen? Draw an energy level diagram to show the ground-state electron configuration of Nitrogen. 2. Draw Lewis structures for a) CH 3 CH 2 CN b) Carbon Monoxide (CO) c) NO 2 - d) BH 4 - 3. Draw all resonance forms of i) CH 3 NO 2 ii) CO 2 iii) SO 3 2- 4. A compound was found to have an elemental composition of C, 70.5% and H, 13.8%. Its molecular weight is 102 amu. What is the molecular formula of the compound? 5. In the pairs of compounds below state the type of isomerism present.
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Unformatted text preview: 6. Arrange the following compounds in order of increasing acidity C C H H CH 2 =CH 2 CH 3 CH 3 CH 3 CO 2 H 7. Which order of basicity is correct? or 8. Predict the products for each of the following reactions a) b) 9. Which would you expect to be more acidic and why? O OH OH 10. The pKa of acetylene is 25 and pKa of water is 15.7. Would you expect the following reaction to be feasible? Explain....
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