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Analysis of “The King Must Die” by Mary Renault, a reframing of “Poems” by Catullus The analysis I decided on picking was based on Theseus written by an author who translated the ancient writer’s poem. Mary had written a point of view that is widely different than what an average mythographer might know. This point of view took place right in the body of Theseus and what is running through him mind along with the actions, interactions and surroundings that involved him. The myth that is most commonly known about Theseus is his ability to overcome a deadly maze which lead him to his final boss. The Minotaur who was a devastating monster born from the gods but hardly was that a worry for our champion. Of course, Theseus comes out on top with his pride flaring and his fame that much more inflated. What we’ll be covering though is not something as extravagant but still equally as intriguing when getting a chance to peer into a hero’s mind.
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