Grp_4 Verbal Nonverbal Activity

Rules how to use words of a language language system

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Unformatted text preview: nication process. Rules How to use words of a language. Language System Developed separate and distinct; possessing unique words and meanings. Bypassing, Abstract Language, Emotive Words Emotive Bypassing: misunderstanding Bypassing: that occurs as a result of referring to two things with the same word or having the same meaning for different words. meaning Abstract Language: words that Abstract lack a specific, concrete meaning. meaning. Emotive Words: words that Emotive evoke emotions, carry extra meaning, and trigger memories of past experiences. How do you define Good? Is this Good? That is terrible “Whitey”! Organized, Clear, Relevant Remarks Organized, Relate statements to Relate preceding remarks to follow a logical progression. progression. Speak concisely and Speak state ideas in a simple form. form. State one point at a State time for successful discussion. discussion. 3 Principles of Nonverbal Communication Communication You cannot “not” send nonverbal signals. Nonverbal signals are a...
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