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Unformatted text preview: stor-level schematic for the following Boolean functions. (a) F = (¯ + ¯)c + a ab ¯a (b) F = a(b + c + d)(¯ + bc) ¯ (c) F = a(¯ + b) + ad + bcd c ¯ (d) F = b(ab + e¯(a + cd)) + ab ¯b ¯ 2. Consider the following Boolean function: F = a + a(¯ + b)(b + c). ¯ c ¯ (a) build the truth table for the pull-up network. (b) build the truth table for the pull-down network. (c) build the truth table for F . 3. For each pull-up/pull-down network below, give the Boolean expression and draw its pull-down/pull-up network. F c a a’ a’ b’ e b b’ e a d’ c a b’ F d a’ F (a) (b) (c) F b’ e a d’ c a’ (d)...
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