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ch 1&2 disposable people

ch 1&2 disposable people - understand how anyone in...

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Reaction to the Beginning of Disposable People After reading only the first two pages of Disposable People , I was appalled to find that slavery still exists. Seba’s story brought tears to my eyes, and my hands shook as I held the book. I cannot believe that people think it is right to treat others as less than them. I could not believe my eyes when I read “…the number of slaves in the world today is 27 million.” My mind can’t even begin to fathom that number of people, let alone people being enslaved by others. I don’t
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Unformatted text preview: understand how anyone in their right mind can take advantage of another, exploit them for their own profit and sleep well at night. It is not right to take advantage of anyone’s weakness or desperation for another’s profit. It is going to be really hard for me to read this book and accept these things as true, when the world around me is so different than what the author says....
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