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Unformatted text preview: oise n. Again consider that the noise n is a zero mean random no2 process with correlation matrix E nnH = n1M , where 1M is an M  M identity matrix. b* If the estimate s of the transmitted signal is taken to be s = y , what is now the ^ ^ 2 mean square error achieved with this estimate, i.e. E fks , sk2 g, expressed in terms of n ^2 and Q. Hint: trxH y  = tryxH  where x and y are vectors of the same dimension. Name: Matr.-Nr.: 6 c What condition must hold for Q so that the mean square error achieved in subtask b is the same as the mean square error achieved in subtask a? Name: Matr.-Nr.: 7 Task 310 pts Let us consider the following minimization problem: min kBwk2 ; subject to kwk2 = 1; 2 2 w where B 2 C M N M N  and is...
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