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5 paragraph essay - In Class Essay Macbeth goes through...

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In Class Essay Macbeth goes through three different stages throughout the play. The first part of the play sets up for Macbeth’s downfall. Macbeth meets the three witches and they tell him his prophecy. He will one day be King of Scotland. The second part of the play is the murder of King Duncan by Macbeth’s hands. Macbeth wants to be king so bad, as does his wife. They will do anything to gain that power. The third part of the play is the downfall of Macbeth. His conscience was eating away at him and he couldn’t handle it. All of the things that Macbeth did during the play led to his destruction. In the beginning of the play we find Macbeth receiving his prophecy from the witches. They told him he would one day be the King of Scotland. He could hardly control his excitement. When his wife lady Macbeth found out the good news she started planning immediately. They had to find a way to make this prophecy come true. What Macbeth did not know was his greed would eventually destroy him.
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