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Unformatted text preview: ionals) and www.collegeboard.com/apstudents (for students and parents). GO ON TO THE NEXT PAGE. -8- 2008 AP® STATISTICS FREE-RESPONSE QUESTIONS (Form B) 5. Flooding has washed out one of the tracks of the Snake Gulch Railroad. The railroad has two parallel tracks from Bullsnake to Copperhead, but only one usable track from Copperhead to Diamondback, as shown in the figure below. Having only one usable track disrupts the usual schedule. Until it is repaired, the washed-out track will remain unusable. If the train leaving Bullsnake arrives at Copperhead first, it has to wait until the train leaving Diamondback arrives at Copperhead. Every day at noon a train leaves Bullsnake heading for Diamondback and another leaves Diamondback heading for Bullsnake. Assume that the length of time, X, it takes the train leaving Bullsnake to get to Copperhead is normally distributed with a mean of 170 minutes and a standard deviation of 20 minutes. Assume that the length of time, Y, it takes the train leaving Diamondback to get to Copperhead i...
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