Deviation of statistic single sample standard

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Unformatted text preview: Statistic s n Statistic Sample Mean p(1 Sample Proportion p) n Two-Sample Standard Deviation of Statistic Statistic Difference of sample means 2 s1 n1 2 s2 n2 Special case when s1 s Difference of sample proportions 1 n1 p1 (1 p1 ) n1 s2 1 n2 p2 (1 p2 ) n2 Special case when p1 p1 p 1 n1 p2 1 n2 observed expected expected Chi-square test statistic -5- 2 2008 AP® STATISTICS FREE-RESPONSE QUESTIONS (Form B) STATISTICS SECTION II Part A Questions 1-5 Spend about 65 minutes on this part of the exam. Percent of Section II score—75 Directions: Show all your work. Indicate clearly the methods you use, because you will be graded on the correctness of your methods as well as on the accuracy of your results and explanations. 1. A certain state’s education commissioner released a new report card for all the public schools in that state. This report card provides a new tool for comparing schools across the state. One of the key measures that can be computed from the report card is the student-to-teacher ratio, which is the number of students enrolled in a given school divided by the number of teachers at that school. The data below give the student-to-teacher ratio at the 10 schools with the...
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