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Evidence from the poems may be slight or misconstrued

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Unformatted text preview: t, or it may ignore one of the poems completely. Evidence from the poems may be slight or misconstrued, or the essays may rely on paraphrase only. The writing often demonstrates a lack of control over the conventions of composition: inadequate development of ideas, accumulation of errors, or a focus that is unclear, inconsistent, or repetitive. Essays scored a 3 may contain significant misreading and/or demonstrate inept writing. 2–1 These essays compound the weaknesses of those in the 4–3 range. Although some attempt has been made to respond to the prompt, assertions are presented with little clarity, organization, or support from the poems themselves. The essays may contain serious errors in grammar and mechanics, may offer a complete misreading, or may be unacceptably brief. Essays scored a 1 contain little coherent discussion of the poems. 0 These essays do no more than make a reference to the task. — These essays are either left blank or are completely off topic. © 2008 The College Board. All rights reserved. Visit the College Board on the Web: www.collegeboard.com. AP® ENGLISH LITERATURE AND COMPOSITION 2008 SCORING GUIDELINES Question 2 (Anita Desai’s Fasting, Feasting) The score reflects the quality of the essay as a whole—its content, its style, its mechanics. Students are rewarded for what they do well. The score for an exceptionally well-written essay may be raised by 1 point above the otherwise appropriate score. In no case may a poorly written essay be scored higher than a 3. 9–8 These essays offer a persuasive analysis of how the author uses literary devices to characterize Arun’s experience as an exchange student. The essays make a strong case for their interpretation of the passage: they explore possibilities of character and situation; consider devices such as point of view, selection of detail, syntax, characterization, diction, and tone; and engage the text through apt and specific references. Although these essays may not be error-free, their perceptive analysis is ap...
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