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01.22.08 - I also did not care for the way my former...

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Boughton 1 Brian Boughton Dr. Ress WR100 – The Modern Novella 22 January 2008 Thoughts on Writing “Make it new” is a simple command that all writers should obey. If something is not a novel idea, some concept that no one has explored, then there is no reason to write about it. Writing is about discussing an untouched thought that can evoke a new awareness; anything else is trite. One can see the same types of stories every afternoon on daytime soap operas or read them on the cover of a trashy tabloid he or she picks up at the supermarket. It is the innovative writing, the kind no one has ever seen, that is brilliant. Writing is about always making it new. The only WR class that I have taken was WR100 and that was only for a couple of classes. Due to another very reading intense course, and because I had several AP credits, I decided that I would give myself a break for the first semester of my college career.
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Unformatted text preview: I also did not care for the way my former professor interrupted his students and forced his own opinions on everyone else. It was a very condescending environment, and I thought, for the sake of both my GPA and my sanity, that holding off on WR100 was a good idea. I have mixed feelings whenever I “have to write.” I enjoy writing and have always had an affinity for the mechanics and usage of language. Contrarily, I do not consider myself to be a great writer and I have a difficult time writing about topics that are assigned to me. In my opinion, writing prompts are wretched creations that preclude any sort of meaningful response. I have a hard time finding any endearing voice or tone in my writing as well. I hope that this course will help me develop my own particular style....
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