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Mid-Term Study Guide - Legal briefs a type of report facts...

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Legal briefs- a type of report; facts rather than ideas Historical evidence- sifting evidence, balancing testimony, verification - anything that we think bears witness to something of past importance Fact-checking – way of checking historical evidence Thesaurus- synonyms for words Chronology- list of events, timeline Report vs. thesis- Report: conclusion – derived from facts, deductive, usually follows a chronological narrative structure Thesis: introduction states opinion, inductive – thesis driven, organized by argument “Gutting” a book- effectively reading a book – one centralized subject, introduction, conclusion, arrangement of information in body Memory- Afterlife- Epics- link between mythology and history through divine intervention – basis for civilization Gilgamesh- search for immortality, afterlife in memory, life commemorated afterwards Homer- collected stories from Dark Age – traveled and collected, compiled stories – inspiration and entertainment Herodotus- father of history, traveled throughout all known world collecting stories – brought in other perspectives, eyewitness accounts – impose own critical thinking Thucydides- more systematic – didactic purpose, meant to teach a lesson – outcome of moral behavior – please ear, not truth Oral tradition- necessary break with cyclical view of time – linear scale, change across time Symbolic speech- initial form of history – mainly for contemporary audience, not future analysis Cyclical vs. linear- linear: change over time “Dark Age”- period of time where gods seem to be in control – humans even lucky to survive – operation of mythological forces rather than human Archaic chronologies- how events are dated – initially in relation to catastrophe or natural event, later by reign of kings or priests
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This test prep was uploaded on 04/07/2008 for the course HST 290 taught by Professor Obrien during the Spring '07 term at Franciscan OH.

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Mid-Term Study Guide - Legal briefs a type of report facts...

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