Fairlawn clinical instructions

Fairlawn clinical instructions - 0700-0800 (1100-1200) o VS...

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Worcester State College Fairlawn Clinical Experience Take a deep breath and relax. Your instructor is always there for you. At times you may have to wait your turn. Get a good night’s sleep before clinical. Always eat breakfast. I will be at the clinical site around 0630 each morning. You will find me on the nursing unit. Prep for clinical o Have a basic knowledge of your patient’s diagnoses o Write down what reason your patient is receiving each medication o Start the concept map based upon the medical diagnosis o You may go to the facility prior to clinical experience. Please wear your lab coat and name pin and identify yourself. Bring to clinical o Smile o Black pen o Stethoscope o Pen light o Concept map Review dress code policy At 0700 (1100) we will find your coassigned nurse. You will get report from the nurse. Sometimes you will assess your patient before the report. Make sure you know when your patient has scheduled OT and PT appointments.
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Unformatted text preview: 0700-0800 (1100-1200) o VS o Assess patient o Set patient up for breakfast o Document VS and assessment 0800-0930 (1200-1330) o Assist patient with ADLs o Accompany patient to therapy o Attend team meetings o Put nurses note in chart o Make bed and clean room 0930-1000 (1330-1400) o Post conference After clinical o Post comments on discussion board relating to meeting your goals, your reflection on your day in regards to your feelings, accomplishments and questions. o Comment on classmates discussion board postings Remember to ask questions- no penalty for asking anything o Go to your instructor first If you will be late or absent contact instructor via cell phone 508-654-5999 o Other questions via email Do not stand in the nurses station Ask if you can help someone if you have nothing to do....
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Fairlawn clinical instructions - 0700-0800 (1100-1200) o VS...

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