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Where to Work Mosley Running Header : Where to Work? Home or Office Where to Work? Home or Office Ronnisha Mosley DeVry University – Keller Graduate School of Management Professor – Victoria Ashiru Managerial Decision-Making (MGMT530) June 23, 2013
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Where to Work Mosley
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Where to Work Mosley Executive Summary The Indiana Family and Social Service Administration have incurred an increased workload due to a change in the policy manual caused from a lawsuit. Employees are required to work overtime to complete weekly goals. With the increased workload and overtime that is performed the utility expenses and employee’s pay have increased. This is causing negative impact on the budget. This change has also decreased personal time for employees and morale in the agency has decreased. With the low morale in the work environment employee productivity has decreased also. Management wants to create the opportunity for employees to work from home. By allowing employees to work from home will decrease expenses for the agency and increase morale and productivity for employees. The FSSA is afraid that retaining employees in a supervised building will lead to an unsatisfied work environment and employees will abandon their positions. It would cost the agency less to rearrange the work environment than to train and replace new staff to fill those positions. The FSSA wants to incorporate telework into the agency to maximize employee morale and productivity and minimize agency expenses.
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Where to Work Mosley Introduction – Overview of Decision Problem Problem Statement The general nature of the problem is the increased workload. This workload has led to an increase in utility expenses and decrease in employee morale. Mandating the employees to work overtime to fulfill goals has caused staff to become disgruntle in the work environment and to quit their jobs. There has also been an increase with employees pay that will cause the agency to go over the budget if this is not controlled somehow. This string of events has been triggered by a lawsuit filed against the Indiana Family and Social Services Administration. The FSSA goes through a process when denying clients. It begins with a case being processed and eligibility being determined. Once a client has been determined ineligible the State denies the client with a reason code to explain why the clients are denied. Some clients felt these reasons were too vague. For example, failure to verify income does not explain what type of income the client failed to provide, such as employment income, unemployment income, child support, and etc. The clients filed a lawsuit against the agency by claiming their denial reasons were not explained in detail. The change the agency wants to incorporate does have some constraints. If the FSSA
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