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Worcester State College Department of Nursing NU 200 Introduction to Professional Nursing I SECTION I: Fill-in the blanks 1. The communication process is initiated based on a(n) __________________________. 2. When a doctor communicates with a nurse by telephone to prescribe a pain medication for a patient, the telephone is considered to be the _______________________ of the communication. 3. A patient who verbally acknowledges understanding of discharges instructions is providing _________________________ to the caregiver. 4. A patient who expresses anger at a diagnosis by slamming a food tray on the table is using ____________________________ communication. 5. When a nurse helps a patient achieve goals that allow his/her needs to be satisfied, the 6. When a nurse and patient meet and learn to identify each other by name and clarify their roles, they are in the _____________________________ phase of the helping relationship. 7. A nurse is using a(n) _____________________ comment/question when she says to her patient, “You said you have been following a diet high in fiber at home. Are you
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TherapeuticCommunicationSupplementppt. - Worcester State...

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