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If the marginal utilities of the movie and the dinner

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Unformatted text preview: of tariffs? a) They prevent the importation of goods from abroad b) They specify the maximum amounts of specific commodities that may be imported during a given period of time c) They often protect domestic producers from foreign competition d) They enable nations to reduce their exports and increase their imports during periods of recession. Target Wal- Mart Advertise Don’t Advertise Advertise T: 90,000 T: 67,000 W: 89,700 W: 14,600 Don’t’ Advertise T: 23,500 T: 56,800 W: 49,700 W: 12,900 15. Based on the figure above, what is the best outcome for both Target and Wal- Mart? a) Target should advertise, Wal- Mart should not b) Wal- Mart should advertise, Target should not c) Both should not advertise d) Both should advertise 16. The marginal rate of substitution a) Falls as you move downward along an indifference curve b) Remains the same along the budget line c) Rises as you move downward along an indifference curve d) May rise or fall, depending on the slope of the budget line 17. A consumer has two basic ch...
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