Buisness Proposal

Buisness Proposal - To: Chris Warner CEO of C.W. Landscape...

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To: Chris Warner CEO of C.W. Landscape and Design From: Michael Kissane Date: March 10, 2008 Subject: GPS tracking systems in trucks Over the past two years working for you at C.W. Landscape and Design has been a pleasure. Everything has run smoothly and your policies have been very fair. However, I and the other drivers have noticed that getting lost going to and from jobsites has become a problem. Drivers have been getting lost due to unfamiliarity with unknown areas, leaving both the customer and driver feeling frustrated. Leaving this problem unaddressed will ultimately result in extra driving time, gas wasted and your company losing valuable money. Only being familiar with and working out of central Massachusetts, leaves me and the other main driver Jason, often confused on how to get to almost every job site out of town. Working in various areas throughout the bay state gives us different exposure to new and exciting jobs, however going to unknown areas in and around; Boston, Southern Ma and places towards Cape Cod, often are confusing to get to. Although there are times when you lead us to the jobsite, more often then not, you send me or Jason to a job by ourselves or to travel home without you. Knowing that you trust me and the other employees to travel, work and please the clients without you looking over us is very satisfying, however getting lost may often make us give the wrong imprecision to the clients that we are not responsible. Being late for a client can often set a bad example for future business and can leave them very upset if they are awaiting our arrival at a specific time. When arriving on the jobsite to meet clients it always is best to be professional and
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Buisness Proposal - To: Chris Warner CEO of C.W. Landscape...

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