Londonin ruinsroadscitiesfactoriesdestroyedchurchills

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Unformatted text preview: owers: France ­ Slowly rebuilds but loses any remaining claim to "superpower" Great Britain ­ Complete destruction. London in ruins. Roads, cities, factories destroyed. Churchill's health fading, loses election Retain influence and power on world Soviet Union ­ enormous economic and military strength, but much devastation and a lack of trust for its "friends" ­ paranoid.... United States ­ War actually got us out of the reat G Depression. Economy is ack on track. No real damage b to US territory besides Pearl Harbor. Emerge as a World Superpower!!!! Human Cost: Origins of the Cold War May 20, 2013 The Aftermath of WW II US and Soviet Union emerge as superpowers US More than 20 SU million casualties ­ 1/2 civilian 405,000 casualties ­ all military enormous economic Postwar Goals: and military strength economic growth; spread democracy & free trade resentment and suspicion toward the other Postwar Goals: rebuild nation; sel...
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