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all quiet on the western front1 - Allie Haidet English 101...

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-1 Allie Haidet English 101 2/10/08 Thoughts About Education Within The WWI German Army World War I, also known as the first part of the "Great War," affected millions of people and changed lives. People are taught that the Germans sought to take over many areas of Europe, and although some might have, we learn in the novel All Quiet on the Western Front by German author Erich Maria Remarque that that sentiment is not completely true. It tells the story of a group of young men forced to fight in a war they did not necessarily believe in. Their outlook on education, and life in general, became completely changed. Paul Bäumer and his comrades learned the important war lesson of kill or be killed, but as a result lost the positive outlook of life after the war. Although there is limited dialog and information about life before the war with the men in the group, it is easy to see that they simply went through the motions with their schoolwork. In the movie, the opening scene shows all the young men sitting in a classroom watching a new group of German soldiers pass by amid the cheers of a crowd. The teacher seizes this, and encourages them to enlist, to fight for the motherland. They catch the spirit, throwing anything they can find in the air, and parade out. At this point, it could be taken either as a sign of their loyalty and fervor or they could be doing it just to have their teacher stop harassing them about it. In the book, a former student,
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all quiet on the western front1 - Allie Haidet English 101...

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