Pearl Prius pg 73-78 notes

Pearl Prius pg 73-78 notes - cliffs everything grows on it...

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- dance done with a purpose is the only true dance - only thing exists and matters is dance - dance is daily life in Africa - dance is a 6 th sense, contact the higher - all events in life celebrated by dance - dance is communicating with the god - dancers is the god-form - culture and dance are inseparable - dance is a belief - dancers loose control of themselves - AFRICAN DANCE o Uses even the most minute muscles o Very precise o Complete dance o Is magic o Makes body liquid steel Makes it powerfully strong as well as flexible o Is complete communication w/out speaking and touching between the two groups o Earth is a magic dancer Dances with its forms such as valleys,
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Unformatted text preview: cliffs, everything grows on it • Though these she communicates with the sky and receives answers through the things that grow on it Dancer is a voice between the earth and the sky o Uses from very elaborative to very smooth costumes o Costumes and music complete the dance o Dance is obsession o Anything is possible o Instruments of all kinds to none o Rhythm is everywhere- AFRICAN DANCERS o Chosen only who show perfection from childhood to express themselves through their body o Carry the group tradition and values along them o Represents not only himself but the entire group...
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Pearl Prius pg 73-78 notes - cliffs everything grows on it...

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