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SCB Redesigned Website This proposal is intended to persuade the president and vice president of operations of Solid Contact Baseball, Inc. (SCB) to better align their website with the company’s mission statement. SCB, a baseball and softball training-aid product manufacturing company based in New Canaan, Connecticut which also focuses on drill and instructional material, is redeveloping their website in order to better represent its product line and services as the company transitions from a start- up company to a fully operational distributor of sports products. Solid Contact Baseball, Inc. (SCB) must redesign their website, www.solidcontactbaseball.com , to better align it with their company’s mission statement and become the number one source on the Internet for baseball and softball player training and coaching information. This proposal is directed primarily towards the President of SCB, Robert Moss, Jr., secondarily towards the Vice President of Operations, Chris Tucci, and a tertiary audience of SCB’s prospective and current clients. INTRODUCTION Solid Contact Baseball’s website opens on the browser. Upbeat music and an announcer’s voice come through the speakers of Coach Harvey Smith’s laptop. At first glance, Coach Smith is intrigued by the infomercial-like video streaming on the website’s homepage. He watches it through its entirety and his interest and excitement begin to rise as he thinks that the GAP Hitter™ might be the perfect training tool for his son’s Little League baseball team, The Little Rockies. He notes the unit’s price, $249.99, is listed on the right side of the webpage and agrees that it’s a reasonable price for the apparent versatility of the product, but he wonders if there are any discount price packages offered for coaches. He skims through the brief text about the company and the product to get a better understanding of its features and the possibility of finding any special promotions. Seeing that Rod Carew is the product’s endorser, Coach Smith thinks aloud, “Wow, even Rod Carew likes it! I remember watching him when I was a kid.” Catching his interest at the bottom left of the page is a dialogue box that reads “Are you a coach? Click Here…” Coach Smith clicks the dialogue box and anxiously waits for the page to open. However, what appear on the page are two words that read “Coming soon…!” and a wave of disappoint hits Coach Smith. “Well, how soon?” Coach Smith wonders with a tinge of frustration. Discouraged by the lack of information on the page, Coach Smith clicks on the “Coaches” link listed under the menu bar. But, once again, the page reads “Coming soon…!” and Coach Smith turns red with frustration. While the infomercial provided Coach Smith with some information and visual elements about the product, the lack of information for coaches and the underdeveloped state of the website is causing him to think that it is probably best to invest his money in another, well-established company’s baseball training equipment, such as the
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Outline_of_Draft_Memo_due_3.12[1] - SCB Redesigned Website...

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