COMM task 2 - I N T E R O FFI CE M E M OR AN D UM TO: FROM:...

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INTEROFFICE MEMORANDUM to: sarah Latson, Director of corporate Concept Development FROM: CORBIN DEAN, KRISTEN ARNESON, ASHLEY KNAPP, TOM LUGO, PAT MULLER, DAN  ROLWOOD     SUBJECT: GBM CAMPING DIVISON PROPOSAL DATE: 21:34:13 Please see the attached short report on our team’s proposal for expansion of GBM.   Our  general idea for the expansion of GBM is to create a camping trip division which would provide  transportation to and from camping sites and, when the division grows, would provide bus tours,  more adventurous excursions and even full out camping vacation packages.   If you have any  questions concerning the report or the idea itself, please let us know and we will answer your  questions. 
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Overview and Goals of the Camping Division For the modern American worker leisure time has become diminished, if not eliminated, in recent years. Due to their time constrictions, few have time for the traditional seven to ten day vacation; however, the American consumer still has time for a one to three day excursion. From the Adirondacks’ Lake George to the pristine reserves of the greater north-west, there are underused federal campgrounds GBM could utilize by connecting with its rugged roots. Imagine a young professional from Silicon Valley or Los Angeles who works sixty hours a week. Due to the competitive nature of his business, he is afforded few personal days and is only able to utilize his weekends when not called to the office – his life demands flexibility and this is what GBM will offer. With a small investment in rudimentary tour vehicles GBM would be able to increase its sales potential exponentially. Our target would not to be to make money on a service that would ferry consumers to government owned and maintained national parks or rapid ride sites, but to increase sales. All tours would leave from a central location, the local GBM store. This would not only encourage consumers to purchase camping, hiking and water sport equipment, but increase the internet sales base as well. If a consumer was to purchase their equipment before their trip, it would be shipped, with them, to their site of choice and back with the option, at a competitive fee, to ship it to their residence after their trip. The true advantage for GBM is that there is no investment required aside from automotive investment and maintenance. All tour sites are free, pristine, government owned and government maintained. This is an opportunity for GBM to flex organizational muscle and dramatically
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COMM task 2 - I N T E R O FFI CE M E M OR AN D UM TO: FROM:...

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