CORE journal 1 - I feel that I have proven this name by how...

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Corbin Dean CORE Journal #1 – Name Exploration When I first researched my first name in the past, I have found simple answers all leading to Corbin, loosely meaning raven, but I have never found out how, until now. When I researched it for this journal I came across this explanation – “Possibly from the Roman cognomen Corvinus , which was derived from Latin Corvus ‘raven’.” 1 This explanation was the first time that I found out that my name could actually have roman and Latin origins. Now, I know why my father names me Corbin, he decided to name me after the American Actor Corbin Bersen, mainly because he liked the name. However, just like the reasoning behind naming in Africa, I believe I have fulfilled my name actually. The symbol of the raven meant powerful to the Native Americans; my ancestors.
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Unformatted text preview: I feel that I have proven this name by how much I have changed from high school to college. I have taken control of my life and I now do what I want, and I view that as powerful. I have never researched my last name, dean, that much. Mainly because I have accepted that fact this it is probably not my actual family name, because it is pretty certain that my fathers side of the family, which is half Native American and German, was just given the name when they integrated into the American society. When I researched the name, I found two meanings, the old English meaning is valley, and the Latin meaning is leader of ten. 2 So in essence, they have no connection to me or my life. 1 2
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CORE journal 1 - I feel that I have proven this name by how...

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