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Corbin Dean Journal #2 – The Myth of Race and the Reality of Racism While watching the film in class, I started thinking of what stereotypes I have about all of the “races” in the world, including my own. , and why I have them. I will not list any of those stereotypes here, but instead, I’d rather discuss why I believe they are still around. I do not know exactly how any one serotype started, but I can imagine one scenario where a person saw someone of another ethnicity doing an activity really well or acting in a peculiar way, and then another person witnessed the same person, so on and so forth, and with gossip, the stereotype was created. Now today, even though some stereotypes of every ethnicity have been proven wrong, they still exist, why? And what do serotypes have to do with the idea of race? Well, I believe that, at least nowadays, serotypes are what keep the idea of race alive, even with
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Unformatted text preview: scientific facts proved against it. Think about it, when a person looks at someone of another “race”, they do not think, “Oh look, a Muslim, they are different from me because their DNA is different.” No, in today’s world, I believe that what stereotypes are placed upon a ethnic group define the ethnic group, creating what we know as “race.” What about racism then? Well, if one looks at it from the point of view I have presented then stereotypes are a form of racism, in its mildest of forms of course. Well then, if this theory is correct, that makes most people racists of different magnitudes. Of course, this is a little extreme, calling most of the world’s population racists, but I believe it to be true, and I also believe that it will take a very long time to rid the world of the idea of “race.”...
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