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Journal 4 - Corbin Dean CORE Journal 4 Intercultural...

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Corbin Dean CORE Journal 4 – Intercultural Borrowing The first process of intercultural borrowing that comes to my mind is immigration. When a person of another culture goes to another culture entirely, it can be assumed they will bring a piece of their culture with them. This piece of culture can be anything from a different product, a new way of thinking, and a new art form, anything that is basically unknown to the new culture. The second process that I can think of is when a person from one culture visits a new culture and sees something that interests them. That is when he visitor takes a piece of the new culture back with them and shares it. In today’s world both of these processes have seemed to lose effectiveness due to how connected the world has become. Most cultures have been discovered, and all new and foreign aspects of each culture have been exposed to the other cultures. This does not mean that everyone experiences al the world’s cultures, but rather, the have the ability to.
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