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Thought Questions 5 - Corbin Dean Unit 6 Thought Questions....

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Corbin Dean Unit 6 Thought Questions. 2) I was not able to locate the document by Hackman on Webcampus. 5) I would handle each of the three types of problems differently a) Absentee Members – If I was in charge of team that had a member that started to be absent from work or team meetings multiple times, I would take the book’s advice and deal with the issue directly rather then wait and see if the situation alleviates itself. When I read StrengthsFinder 2.0’s description of one of my strength’s ability to be maybe too direct with an employee. To correct this possible blind spot of mine when dealing with problematic employees, I would remember to not blame the employee, but rather, blame the situation, and I would ask the employee what we could do to fix the situation. This way the employee feels we are fixing the problem, whether it be absenteeism, or social loafing, and not fixing him/her. b) Social Loafers – For this problem, I would personally like to keep on top of it right from the get go because I have had experiences where a team member would pick up the slack of the loafer, and that member would eventually become burnt out, and then I ended up with two members not
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Thought Questions 5 - Corbin Dean Unit 6 Thought Questions....

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