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Quiz 6 Started: April 24, 2011 9:24 PM Questions: 25 1. Chapter 6 Question MC #3 (Points: 4) In Giotto's 14th-century painting Lamentation, joints can clearly be seen that break the blue sky into numerous sections. This occurred because of the ____. 5 1. limitations of watercolor 2. limitations of oil painting 3. limitations of tempera 4. desire of the artist 5. limitations of fresco Save Answer 2. Chapter 6 Question MC #21 (Points: 4) Master graffiti artists almost always add "tags" to their artworks, which are ____. 3 1. anonymous symbols 2. gang symbols 3. stylized signatures 4. comic strip Benday dots 5. skulls Save Answer 3. Chapter 6 Question MC #17 (Points: 4) In Roger Shimomura's Untitled painting, he has blended traditional Japanese imagery with American cartoon characters and includes a self-portrait in which he is depicted as ____. 4 1. Dick Tracy 2. a contemporary Japanese 3. Donald Duck
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5. a Japanese Samurai Save Answer 4. Chapter 6 Question MC #4 (Points: 4) The ancient Egyptians and Greeks tinted their sculptures with ____ to give them a lifelike appearance. 1 1. encaustic 2. gouache 3. aquarelle 4. tempera 5. oils Save Answer 5. Chapter 6 Question MC #14 (Points: 4) Contemporary artist Ed Paschke's Anesthesio composition has been "defaced" by ____, thus obscuring Lincoln's portrait. 2 1. garbage 2. abstract patches of neon-like color 3. spray paint 4. electronic color bleeding 5. graffiti Save Answer 6. Chapter 6 Question MC #10 (Points: 4) The transition to oil paint in the 14th and 15th centuries was gradual. For many years, it was only used for ____ in order to give the paintings a high
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