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assignment 1 - of his lower legs behind This assumption is...

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David Sue English 102-EB Assignment #1 In the stories of "Thief," "The Blood Bay," and "There Will Come Soft Rains," the stories are based upon a character that makes an erroneous assumption . The purpose of this essay is to identify the main assumptions within the stories. In "Thief," there are two assumptions that the man makes about women. The first assuption that the man makes is that he can pick up girls "like they were stray animals." The first is that the woman has stolen the man's wallet for his money, yet in the end we find that they returned his wallet with all of his belongings intact. The true reason that the blonde and brunette steal his wallet is to teach him that women are not mere objects, existing only for men's fancy. "The Blood Bay" shows the more comical and even ridiculous assumption that the titled blood bay has eaten one of the characters in the story, leaving only his feet and half
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Unformatted text preview: of his lower legs behind. This assumption is made by Grice, the old man whom the three cowpunchers were staying with. Grice promptly "bribes" the remaining two cowpunchers, requesting that they keep the death of their friend to themselves. The two cowpunchers keep their peace and make off with forty gold dollars and the three and four bits Grice won from them the night before. "There Will Come Soft Rains" has another assumption, yet in this story, the assumption comes from a strange source. The house makes the assumption that there are still people living in the world and in his body, so he continues his daily routine of waking and feeding the inhabitants inside. In actuality, all human life has perished in a nuclear war, and all his efforts are in vain....
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assignment 1 - of his lower legs behind This assumption is...

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