8-29-07 Finding Order on Europe's Land

8-29-07 Finding Order on Europe's Land - Extensive use...

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GEOG 120 8/29/07 FINDING ORDER ON EUROPE’S LAND Deductive Approach -- model/generalization > specific information Urban patterns - Idea of primate cities – depends on… Hinterland competition Rank-size (largest city is more than twice the size of the second city, second should be a good deal larger than next, etc; creates a curve) Iconography - Examples: France: Paris (2,142,800), Marseille (795,000) UK: London (7,172,091), B’ham (970,892) Germany: Berlin (3,388,477), Hamburg (1,734,083) Italy: Rome (2,542,003), Milan (1,271,898), Naples (1,000,449) Spain: Madrid (3,092,759), Barcelona (1,582,738) Political patterns - The Organic Theory of State Evolution: States are like organisms Success depends on more resources Consequence is territorial expansion (at others’ expense) Agricultural patterns - Von Thunen’s “Isolated State” model - Resultant pattern of land use: Intensive use > close to market center
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Unformatted text preview: Extensive use > farther from market Regional patterns-Core and periphery Core intense concentration and focus of regional character Periphery scattered activity, lower intensities, localized important-Core-periphery disparity operates at many scales Inductive Approach-- Induction specific information > model/generalization Climate patterns Landform patterns Language groups (and culture groups and religious groups)-Romance (mostly in SW)-Germanic (N and central)-Slavic (E and SE) [^with many exceptions^] Generalization: Europes core region developed around the contact line between the Romance language speakers and the Germanic language speakers One possible (explanatory) hypothesis: Long contact between peoples seeing the world in very different ways enhanced their problem-solving approaches...
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8-29-07 Finding Order on Europe's Land - Extensive use...

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