If a woman and her husband are both carriers what is

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Unformatted text preview: f a woman and her husband are both carriers, what is the probability of each of the following? a. All three of their children will be normal. b. One or more of the three children will have the disease. c. All three children will be afflicted with the disease. 34. What is the probability that each of the following pairs of parents will produce the indicated offspring (assume independent assortment of all gene pairs)? a. AABBCC × aabbcc → AaBbCc b. AABbCc × AaBbCc → AAbbCC c. AaBbCc × AaBbCc → AaBbCc d. aaBbCC × AABbcc →AaBbCc Trihybrid Crosses (Three-traits) 35. Using the forked-line approach and given the cross between two cats with the genotypes llSsdd and LlSsDd, what is the probability of a cat having the genotype llssdd? What is the probability of a cat having the short hair, white spotted, and non-diluted phenotype? [short hair is dominant to long hair, white spotted coat is dominant to not spotted, diluted color is dominant to nondiluted coloring] 36. Using the forked-line approach in a trihybrid cross involving three traits, where the pigments are both AaBbCc, what is the probability of their producing an offspring recessive for...
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