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ch 1 stats hw - Chapter 1 1. (Hypothetical) A researcher...

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Chapter 1 1. (Hypothetical) A researcher wants to determine the effectiveness of a high blood pressure medicine. She takes a random sample of 1,000 people and finds that 328 have been diagnosed with high blood pressure. She makes these 328 into the treatment group and assigns the remainder to the control group. She then administers the medicine to the treatment group. Is this an effective test of the medicine? Why or why not? 2. (Hypothetical) In an effort to improve English grades, the principal of a high school coordinates a special after-hours study session. To populate the session, he randomly chooses 15 students from each English class. After one semester, he compares the number of A’s for his special students with the number of A’s for everyone else. The results were as follows: Total A’s in English Percent Rate Special Group 60 17 28.3% Regular Students 240 61 25.4% a) Was this controlled study double-blind? Why or why not? b) Does this data support a significant link between attending the sessions and higher English grades? Why or why not? c) Give at least one possible confounding factor in this study. 3. Explain why, in general, researchers use placebos in the control group. 4. (AP) In 1998, a study was done to see if antiperspirant was effective at slowing the
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ch 1 stats hw - Chapter 1 1. (Hypothetical) A researcher...

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