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Astronomy Article 4 - The Telescope recently being used to...

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The Universe through a looking glass Nasa.Gov 10/01/2007 http://science.nasa.gov/headlines/y2007/07sep_lookingglass.htm?list61925 In the hands of a skilled astronomer mirrors can be very useful tools in exploring our universe. Most of modern astronomy depends on mirrors where most telescopes use mirrors it would be almost impossible to study the universe without them. In x-ray telescopes astronomers use a type of sideways mirror called a grazing incidence mirror that can guide very energetic x-rays. X-rays glance off the sides of the incidence mirrors to produce the images we see in the x-ray pictures produced.
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Unformatted text preview: The Telescope recently being used to get these images is called High Energy Replicated Optics short for HERO. They are using this by propelling a balloon above 99 percent of the earth’s atmosphere where the data being analyzed should be never before seen details of cosmic images. When we get these mirrors actually into space they will gather protons from some of the most violent objects in the universe including exploding stars and black holes. In the future they plan to use HERO in Australia because the most active part of our galaxy the “galactic center” is viewable from there....
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