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Astronomy Article 9 - He has been searching for galaxies...

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Scientist of the year; david charbonneaus radical plan to find life beyond earth Discover December 07 The have been many breakthroughs in astronomy when it comes to our universe , such as Nicolas Copernicus in the 16 th century arguing that earth is one of many planets revolving around our sun or Edwin Hubble’s 1924 discovery that our galaxy is one among many. Scientist David Charbonneau and his team at Harvard are currently working on such a discovery that would prove we are not the only life in the universe.
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Unformatted text preview: He has been searching for galaxies like and unlike the Milky Way trying to figure out if we are in fact rare or if the process of life on other planets is a natural one in our universe. He is doing this by examining planets like our own and checking to see if the possesses many of the basic elements that provide for life here on earth. He hopes that one day it will be taught in classrooms to our children that there is other life in our universe and that we are not alone....
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