Astronomy Article 10 - Along with Americans the Chinese...

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Space; the next generation National geographic Guy gugluoti Sept 07 October fourth 1957 the soviets launched sputnik, a satellite that became the first object to orbit the earth. Thus launching the space race where we would sends humans into orbit around the earth, float in space, and walk on the moon. However, after seven astronauts died in the Columbian tragedy human space flight has been shut down and called aimless. President Bush has outlined a new “vision for space exploration” and by 2020 he not only hopes to return Americans to the moon but strives for an exploration to mars.
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Unformatted text preview: Along with Americans the Chinese have planned to launch a mission to the moon where a permanent lunar space station would be built and from that station would be the launch pad for exploration to mars and beyond. One of the largest problems facing these explorations is collection enough money to fund the missions. It is no secret space exploration is very expensive costing billions to trillions a mission with prices going up after the Columbus disaster. However, the more we discover the more prepared we are to face disasters here on earth...
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Astronomy Article 10 - Along with Americans the Chinese...

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