short story - Short story As the two young men reach city...

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Short story As the two young men reach city limits they are welcomed back home by a new moon, they like to think of it as a new start eagerly awaiting them to pick up where they left off but with a newfound sense of clarity. Riding high with only a quarter left of high school, two seniors from phoenix think they’ve got it made. Brad and Isaac couldn’t be happier with their situation, they’ve got a strong core group of friends, caring family, and steady girlfriends who they love, oh and not to mention its spring break of their senior year! With everything to look forward to they have no idea what the next week has in store for them, as they learn some of the ups and downs of life. The journey begins. Both of the boys are shocked when they come to find out their girlfriends are dumping them, and leaving to Cabo for the week. They meet up at Isaacs house and talk about the situation both lost and confused they cant even begin to cope with what their now ex girlfriends may be doing in Mexico, everything they came to know all comes crashing down on them and they are left feeling hopeless. After a day spent sorting out their emotions, they ask themselves “What the hell are we doing here?” They knew they couldn’t just stay in Arizona and feel sorry for themselves all week, and at that moment decided to just get up and leave to California. An hour later at 10pm they somehow convince their parents to let them leave and they are on the road with no idea how to get to California, and no idea where they’re going to sleep once they get there. It was a long and eventful ride filled with surprises in the middle of the night. They loved the drive completed with classic tunes, long
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conversations and the border patrol humorously mistaking Isaac as an illegal alien. But
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short story - Short story As the two young men reach city...

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