iraq war - Iraq war argument The U.S Military has...

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Iraq war argument The U.S. Military has officially been in Iraq, for a little more then three years now. After three years of fighting the estimated total of money spent is over $270 billion. According to the latest news report on CNN, Congress had just passed another bill that would fund president Bush with an additional $82 billion towards the war. That would put the total for money spent on the war over $300 billion. Statistics show that .21 cents of each tax dollar that is taken goes directly into the war. In Arizona alone we have spent over $2 billion on the war. Money is not the only thing we are losing in Iraq, there have been 2,550 coalition deaths and 2,343 have been American soldiers. The reason we went to war was to stop the building of weapons of mass destruction and stop the dictatorship of Sudaam Hussein. Three solutions to help solve the economic effects of the war on our country are to, withdraw all the troops from Iraq, reduce the amount of troops there at one time and wrap up what needs to be finished and get out as soon as possible. A good way to cut the budget on the war and help save our economy is to withdraw all of the soldiers out of Iraq. Withdrawing soldiers will instantly save our country money and have one less bill to pay. This would save us approximately $177 million a day. Not having to pay those funds could help out country as it strives to be
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iraq war - Iraq war argument The U.S Military has...

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