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Debate Guide - others during the debate The debates do not...

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Debates will begin Monday December 3 rd and conclude on Wednesday December 5 th . Due to time limitations debates will be 25 minutes each as opposed to the original 50 minute time requirement. The debate will progress as follows: Two minute opening statements A total of 15 minute of actual debate One minute closing statement A total of five minutes for audience questions. Please see below for the debate schedule. As a reminder, be sure to remain respectful of
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Unformatted text preview: others during the debate. The debates do not reflect personal feelings, as students were placed into groups through no choice of their own. Good luck! 8am Class Monday: Amnesty for Illegal Immigrants Roe versus Wade Wednesday: Death Penalty Gay Marriage 9am Class Monday: Gay Marriage Global Warming Wednesday: Assisted Suicide Prostitution...
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